Hands-On Healing

What is it about working with your hands that is so soothing? Maybe it has to do with the physical energy that you can transfer through your hands to other objects.  I love how working with your hands is therapeutic, yet not as physically exerting as running hard or boxing to really release the physical energy that has built up from emotional challenges, difficult people and stress.  What are some of the activities you can do with your hands?

Gardening: When was the last time you really got your hands dirty?  Have you planted a seed and watched it burst out of the soil and grow into a beautiful plant or flower?  Have you dug a hole in the ground for a bush or plant?  Or just dug a little to see if you could find a worm?  Spending time working on the ground, with the dirt and on the earth also shares good earth energy with you.

Cooking/Baking: What a yummy way to heal!   Chopping, mixing, working the dough with your hands, smelling spices, tasting flavors…mmm. Not only can you make food or desserts for yourself, you can make it to share with others.  Then not only will you be healing, but you’ll be sharing kindness with others you know.

Sculpting:  Whether your choice of medium is clay, wire, or something else, it’s an excellent way to work with your hands.  Clay is amazing whether you’re using a pottery wheel or making small clay figurines with your hands because with clay it’s simple to work the clay and then start over if you don’t like the result.  Creating wire bird cages, plant houses and other decorative wire sculptures exercises your brain and your hands, working both to help you find peace.

Crafting: From peeling glue off your fingers and picking up little scraps of fabric and paper, to string, thread and paint chips, crafting is hands on and fun for all ages.  This is a great opportunity for your kids, for creating a special something for your workplace (to remind you to relax and breathe when you get stressed), or for selling at craft fares and on the internet.  Your creations that helped you relieve pent-up energy can be sources of inspiration and decoration for others.

Woodworking: From the wood shavings on the floor, to the sound the plane makes in your hand, or even the zing of the saw as it cuts your wood project, woodworking is full of sense-electrifying moments.  I love how the wood smells, how it feels after you’ve sanded it, and how amazing it looks all put together in your finished project.  Hammering, drilling, screwing and painting are all very hands-on tasks that will satisfy you and produce beautiful results.

What is your favorite hands-on creative activity?  (share below!)


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