Small Creations

At one point in time or another we’ve all felt small. Maybe that’s in NYC or another large city when you’ve been surrounded by other people, big buildings and cars, trucks and buses going by.  Yet when you think about a bee or flower, though it is small, it has great impact and power.

Bigger isn’t better:  While admittedly, sometimes it is good to have big things, when we’re talking about creativity, sometimes smaller is better. Artists have created magnificent paintings of single flowers.  bouquets have been impacted dramatically by a simple flower, different from all the other.  Food can be dramatically different by adding a few spices or drops of hot sauce.  A room design can be improved by adding small details and finishes.

Small=detail: Detail is just simply something you can’t do very well when you’re talking big.  However, it is the details in the small things that make them extraordinary.  Sure, you could make a simple ring and stick an unpolished, uncut diamond on it and call it jewelry, but when you take the time to do a little shaping, you get a gorgeous ring.

Small helps you stop: In this crazy world we live in, sometimes it is good to stop.  Something small like a fresh breath of air, a drop of paint where it doesn’t belong, a muscle twinge while dancing, or weed amidst your home-grown vegetables, can make you stop and take notice.

Whatever your creative talent or persuasion is, don’t be discouraged by the sheer number of other artisans in your talent area.  Do what you do, with your unique style and attitude, putting your love and attention to whatever you are creating.

Share below what makes your art different from another artist’s.


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