Saving the Big Event

So you’ve planned your event, booked the location, you’ve done the guest list, ordered/prepared the food; and the day has arrived.  The baby shower goes smoothly until the expectant mother’s friend, who is also expecting, goes into labor.  Your high school graduation party is going well until the crazy dancing gets out of hand and someone breaks their arm.  Your wedding goes smoothly until you arrive at the reception, and the wrong food is there.  Your holiday work party is going well until someone has a little too much to drink and the company secrets are out in the open.  If you’ve been fortunate enough that all your events have gone well, congratulations!  If not, there are many who can sympathize with your event struggles.  So what do you do when a distraction, however large or small it be, interrupts your event?  Let’s look at the three main topics of food, location and guests.

Food:  If you’re planning to make the food or you’re planning to order the food, always have a backup.  Like pizza or burgers, or order takeout appetizers from a restaurant, get wraps or sandwiches, or ask some people to bring something.

Location: One of the most important things to plan for before the event is a plan b.  If the location burns down, if the president rolls into town and wants to use your location, if they book you for the wrong room and can’t accommodate your group size etc..  Look for some other options like alternative restaurants/event facilities or even local VFW’s or churches who would have a space to rent you.

Guest distractions: This isn’t something you can really plan for.  But knowing the address of the event location, what are the local hospitals, and always having a phone on or near you are steps you can take to be prepared. If you’re doing an event with kids, having phone numbers for parents is a good idea too just in case.

Of course, most events turn out amazing and occur without difficulty.  But knowing that you’re ready in case of something happening is not only reassuring to you, you look very prepared when something does happen, and you handle it well.

Planning your next event?  I would love the opportunity of helping you make your next event memorable and enjoyable, please visit my website for more details.


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