The Best Therapy in the World

Yep, this is the best therapist in the world, or at least one of them.  Of course, I’m partial to dogs, like this cute one here, but you may prefer a cat, horse, rabbit or other animal.  This blog is about creative transformations, and on Mondays we discuss healing through creativity, so why include a post about pets?  Well, from early civilizations we learn of their respect for animals, many often worshiped animals, or at least viewed them as sacred.  These animals were frequently mentioned in their legends and stories.  Still today, many cultures revere and respect certain animals for their wisdom and abilities.   Animals are featured in cave paintings from past civilizations, and fascinate researchers and artists alike today.  Some spiritual circles believe in people having guides, including animal guides.  So what can we learn from this amazing animal?

Get creative with your pet.  Many people make sweaters for their pets, paint their pets, paint with their pets (non toxic paint please!), garden with their pets (OK, you dig the hole, I’ll plant the plant), sing with their pets, and exercise with their pets (…can’t…keep…up…).

Pets are expressive.  They tell you when their hot, when they’re hungry, when they want your attention, and when they need exercise.  They have no qualms about expressing their needs right up front.  Your art, physical or decorative, helps you express your feelings.

Pets listen. Pets actually listen to us when we talk (notice how they cock their heads at you when you talk).  And after all, when was the last time your scrapbook or soldering iron spoke back to you, rubbed your leg or gave you a wet sloppy kiss?   They also don’t judge you for what you say, no matter what.

Pets are natural healers.  There have been tons of studies over the years showing that pets lower blood pressure and reduce stress in their human companions.

So what now?  Well, if you don’t have a pet in your life, you can take advantage of the shelters in your area and volunteer once or a few times a month.  You could also try to become part of (or start!) a pet therapy organization in your area that brings pets into hospitals and nursing homes.  Of course nothing replaces having your very own furry friend.

Feel free to share pictures of your furry friends below 🙂


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