What is one memorable item that is at just about every event?  Yes, that’s right, flowers.  Now if you or any of your guests are allergic to flowers, pollen etc like many people are, you’re going to have a slight problem.  What to do about the flower situation.  They’re so pretty and central to many events that it isn’t something you can exactly leave out…

Fake flowers:  This is an option many people chose anyway.  They’re easier to deal with and frequently less expensive.  No scent, no pollen, no watering.  Of course they don’t look quite the same as real flowers, but they can certainly do the job for your next event.

Go green: Try just leaves, sticks and plants that don’t have flowers or pollen with them.  Simple reeds, pine cones, small bonsai trees, grasses, willows and sticks/branches can be very simple and elegant, as well as have no annoying characteristics.  You can also paint them to color coordinate with your event.

No plants, no flowers: You can do candle centerpieces, beach themed displays, balloons, Christmas tree balls or even beta fish!  If you have a particular theme you’re designing around see if you can come up with something creative that relates to your theme.  Also consider the holidays near your event date for inspiration.

Just do it: Have the real, beautiful, pollen-laden flowers.  Your guests won’t be there long enough to be bothered by them.  And if you’re worried, maybe provide allergy pills to your guests.

Not convinced you can really make a good alternative?  Ask your event coordinator, or myself, for suggestions!  What out of the ordinary centerpieces or displays have you seen or wanted to feature at an event?


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