Take a Productive Break

This past week I heard someone share something that I think really relates to the topics of healing and creativity.  They shared that when you’re stuck on something you should do a related task until you’re feeling inspired, or unstuck, again.

If you’re a painter, this would include looking for new inspiration, cleaning up your work station, organizing your paints, putting touches on another painting and really cleaning your brushes well.

If you’re a web designer, you could visit other websites for suggestions, search for ‘100 top websites’ in your favorite search engine and see what they’re doing that is so amazing, work on updating pictures on existing websites or searching for new pictures that could be used in the future.

If you create scrapbooks, you can work on cutting pictures, cutting out words and phrases, prepping pages or organizing your workspace.  Maybe you’ll find treasures you didn’t know you had!

If you do yoga, you could do other core-strengthening activities, do meditation, work with resistance or do simple stretches.

If you do sculpture or wood work, there’s always a pile of stuff near your hands or on the floor.  Take the time to clear the clutter out of your work space, you’ll breathe easier and feel more open to creativity.

If you’re a gardener, this would include pruning, watering, picking and arranging flowers to display, caring for sickly plants, tending young plants, mixing up fertilizer and water, checking for bug damage and making sure plants are happy and growing where they are, with appropriate sun.

If you knit this would include organizing your yarn collection, making a list of the colors you have by which yarn maker and what colors you would like, rolling up your yarn so it isn’t stretched out everywhere, and looking for new design ideas.

Of course, reading blogs, magazines or websites about your hobby or creative area of expertise is a great way to slightly distract yourself, yet not get completely off topic.

Just like with creativity, when you’re working through an issue or challenge, take a step back and see if there is a related topic you can take on.

What related tasks do you do?  Do you have a favorite?


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