Rain, Rain Go Away!

For the past 2 days in New Jersey we have had cats and dogs raining down on us.  The rain has been frequently heavy and certainly would have put a big damper on any beach plans or events you had planned (there’s more flooding too!).  So what do you do when your big event falls on the same day as torrential rains or gets showered with a summer storm?

Be prepared: Have towels and lots of places for wet coats, umbrellas and things.  Also have assistance for anyone who would slip and fall such as band-aids and ice packs.  Grass is very slippery when wet!  Maybe even make up fun signs to warn your guests about slippery spots or deep puddles.

Location “B”: Plan for a second location should it rain.   If the inside of your home isn’t large enough to accommodate all your guests, ask at your office or church if they have a community room, meeting room or a large open room you could use. Don’t forget to notify ALL of your guests of a location change!

Change your plan:  If you had planned for a summer beach themed event, make it a wet one!  Plan activities that can be done in the rain, or pretend your under the water!  If your guests simply aren’t the type to get wet, having a tent or several tents available is a great idea (also great protection from the hot summer sun).

Date/time change: If you can, postpone your event, or just make it the following day, it may be possible to avoid the rain. This is challenging if you were planning on out-of-state guests attending.  Even if you can postpone your morning event to the evening you may be able to keep it on the same day.   Again: notify your guests!

Go where it isn’t raining:  Maybe it’s raining where you are but not 2 hours away at a great nature park or amusement park. Yes, you and your guests would have to pay for tickets for the amusement park (6 Flags, Disney etc), but at least you’re having your event!  There may also be a nature park within reasonable driving distance where you could have an outdoor picnic.

Finally, don’t let the rain ruin your event!  Even with rain, or other challenging weather conditions, and even if you decide to all cram into your house, you can still have a pleasant, fun, successful event!


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