Creativity’s Healing Magic

This morning I was thinking about what creative things I am going to do today: perhaps some painting, definitely some writing, maybe some sewing, definitely some yoga, and maybe some gardening.  As I was thinking about each activity, I could feel my body relaxing and getting excited at the same time.  The power that each creative act holds within it is amazing!  Creativity is a powerful tool, one of the best, to use for healing for many reasons.

Creativity opens up your mind to possibilities. When you’re being creative, your mind is given the opportunity to stop thinking about the struggles it is experiencing.  I love how when I’m being creative I get great new ideas, remember things I love about being creative and find answers to some of the things that are bothering me.  Using the tool of creativity is better than just taking a break in front of the TV when you’re stressed out.

Creativity distracts you.  When you’re not thinking about what is bothering you or hurting you, you can think about other things, like getting well, enjoying yourself, being happy, and growing.  Creativity can offer a break to your mind and body which, like sleep, allows it to heal.  Whether you’re using creativity to help you heal emotionally or physically, when your mind relaxes and you are able to focus on what you are doing, it gives you the opportunity to experience relief and your symptoms typically will be less severe and bothersome.

Creativity calms you down.  If you’re experiencing a lot of strong emotions, but can’t (or don’t want to) do something physical like running or yoga or kickboxing to release the toxic cocktail of hormones running through you, doing something creative can help.  It offers you a procedural/structured activity for you to focus on.  When your mind, and body, is doing something with structure, that follows a pattern, you are automatically relaxed.  Your mind knows it’s a safe zone, and you can be productive while you’re calming down!

Creativity lets you share your emotions safely.  It is essential to share your emotions, but even more essential to have a good, healthy, stable, appropriate environment in which to share them.  Yelling at the nearest person may feel good for a couple of minutes, but after the episode, you won’t feel so good, and neither will they.  Creativity, whether it’s painting, gardening, dance, yoga, or something else, lets you vent your emotions, share them full force, but not hurt anyone, including yourself and those you are in relationship with.  (This is also a great tool to use when you’re mad at your boss 🙂 .)

Creativity helps you grow beyond your struggles.  Once you’ve calmed down, once you’re not focused on the negative emotions, once you’re open to possibilities, your mind can begin to make new pathways and make new connections, healthy ones!  Creativity can give you a great perspective on what you’re really feeling or experiencing if you take the time to calm down, and look at the situation and your feelings with fresh eyes.

These are only some of the great reasons to be creative, and why creativity helps you heal.  What other ways have you experienced creativity help you heal?


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