Buffet style events

Your next event is around the corner.  One of the most important questions to answer is: what food are you serving?  There are tons of ways you can feed your guests, but the one we’re going to look at today is buffet style.  Let’s look at four ways you can do buffet style.

Buffet style appetizers:  All appetizers, all event.  After all, how many times have the appetizers just been so delicious you weren’t even hungry by the time the main course rolled around?  Make sure to have a good variety of foods available, making sure to consider your guests and their food habits (vegan, vegetarian, meatless, etc.).  Some suggestions are vegetable platters, fruit platters, shrimp cocktail, mini pizzas, chicken/tuna/macaroni salad, wings, crackers and cheese, rolls with butter.  Make sure to let your guests know it’s going to be a buffet with appetizers only.

Buffet style dinner: You can cater this, you can order some trays of food from your local grocery store, or you can make your own food.  Some options include fish dishes, several pasta dishes (pasta Primavera, fettucine alfredo , penne vodka,), lasagna, chicken (grilled, fried), a hot vegetable dish (potatoes, fresh vegetables), salads (garden, caesar), and rolls.  Wraps and sushi are other options to have in your buffet.

Buffet style desserts: Just do desserts.  We all tease and joke about it anyway, so why don’t we just do it?!  Have really fantastic deserts, including fruit, cake, cookies, pie, trifle, cannoli, bars, muffins, and parfait.  Serving water, tea, coffee, wine and other desert drinks is suggested.  Make sure to include sugar-free, chocolate free and peanut free to accommodate your guests.  If you’re worried about too much sugar, you could do low-fat, use other sweeteners instead of sugar, or you could serve less sugar-sweet items like fruit, and parfait.

Buffet style combination:  This includes serving some of all the above at your event.   It gives people the opportunity to pick and choose what they eat.  You do need to be sensitive about keeping the cold deserts cold though if you are outside during the summer.  Mix and match ideas already mentioned, and some of your own, to please your anticipated guests.

Buffet is a flexible way to feed your guests, it allows them to eat when they arrive and not be required to be at the event at a certain time, or stay for the main course.  It also gives you some more flexibility to be with your guests.  What foods have you served on your buffet?


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