To Remember Us By

Every event has a little freebie that they give you at the end (or beginning) of the event as a souvenir or memento.  I have several from weddings I have been to, including a picture frame, some bubbles and a little jar of candy.  I also have a door knob from a conference I went to and of course some t-shirts.  While I was able to come up with that list in about 3 minutes of thinking, there are tons of events that I don’t remember what I was given, if anything.  Which brings us to a great point, why give anything anyway?

Well, to be honest, that’s up to you.  Giving your guests a memory of your special event is customary, polite, traditional, and even required by some families or circles, but said item typically doesn’t stick around after your guests get home from the event.

Given these thoughts, you have three courses of action.

First you can go with the traditional.  Give them the cute, the simple, the typical item they expect.  Go to your local craft store, or look online for cute/simple/appropriate items that suit your event and your guests.  This isn’t a bad choice!  It is just one that you may not be remembered for.

Second, you can go gift-less.  Yes, I said it.  Maybe it’s just not in your budget, maybe you are tired of getting the same gifts yourself.  If you’re not doing the gift route though, I would suggest some other way the guests can remember the event by.  Such as an online picture album where you’re going to put all the pictures up at.  You can provide an index card sized paper with the web link and any pertinent details to each of  your guests, maybe even putting it on their place card if they have them.

Third, you can take the plunge.  Go for the creative, not tasteless, but different.  And by different I mean creative, practical, interactive, useful, interesting, event pertinent or fun!  Make it practical and they won’t just throw it out (or leave it behind!).  If it’s interesting they’ll hang on to it as a story starter/conversation piece or because they just like it.  They’ll definitely appreciate you for the gift and will probably tell you they still have it, or at least remember it, years after your event.  It doesn’t have to be weird, strange, of poor taste or anything bad, just new and different.

Your event, just like you, is special.  Why not give your guests something that reflects your uniqueness, as well as how special your event was?


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